Meditazione mensile di sei ore condotta da membri della SRF in lingua inglese

L’orario è riportato nella vostra ora locale.

We invite you to join us for a six-hour meditation in English led by SRF members. The service will begin with group practice of the Energization Exercises, followed by an opening prayer, a chant, an inspirational reading, and periods of chanting and silent meditation. After three hours, there will be a thirty-minute intermission. Following the intermission, the program will continue with a reading and periods of chanting and silent meditation. The service will conclude with Paramahansa Yogananda’s healing technique and a closing prayer.

Six-hour online meditations led by SRF members are conducted on the third Saturday of each month. If there is an event led by monastics on that day, this event may be moved to another date.

(Nota: non vengono fornite istruzioni sugli Esercizi di Ricarica che possono essere studiati nelle SRF Lessons.)